The Art of Richard De Wolfe
Art Prints

Welcome to my web site! Over the years, I have created a broad selection of paintings that reflect my interests and lifestyle. I hope the art that you find here will bring you a great deal of enjoyment. Every painting that I produce is actually a little piece of me and I want them all to find loving homes just like yours. I am thankful for my life as an artist thus far, and nothing is more satisfying to me than the letters I receive from buyers of my work when they aquire a new piece for their collection.


I have included information about myself as well as the art that I create. My paintings are generally for sale unless marked 'SOLD' or 'N.F.S'. Most of my paintings are also available as prints to fit almost any budget. You will find art cards and in some cases there are even gift items, keepsakes and other products that feature my art. Visit my blog for updates on what I have been doing day by day. Be sure to bookmark this site and please come back often! Post a comment on my blog, find a special gift or maybe even find your very own art treasure.