Upon This Rock

Upon This Rock18×24     oil on canvas     $2300

This beautiful wooden church stands on a high rock overlooking the Saint Lawrence River at Rockport, Ontario, in the heart of the Thousand Islands.  The village of Rockport, was first settled in 1797, chiefly by Scottish & Irish immigrants of Catholic & Presbyterian faiths. Where Rockport is now situated, there was a natural harbour marked by a huge, lichen-covered rock outcropping. In 1891,St. Brendan’s Catholic Church was erected on the top of this rock, overlooking the St. Lawrence River.  Upon this site, in 1919, Mrs. L. Cornwall commissioned a monument, the “Queen of Peace” and dedicated it to her late husband, Charles Cornwall, who owned the property. St. Brendan’s Catholic Church & the “Queen of Peace” remain a much loved local landmark within the 1000 Islands of the St. Lawrence River.

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