Practice Skate

“Practice Skate” 18″x24″ oil on stretched canvas- available $1600.00

The Devil’s Oven

“The Devil’s Oven” 11″x14″ oil on canvas panel – available  $650.00

Thousand Islands

This is a typical view in the Thousand Islands region on the St. Lawrence River.  I find the craggy rock and wind-blown pines create very interesting designs.

Thousand Islands  18″x24″  stretched canvas- available  $1,400.00

Surf and Turf

“Surf and Turf” 12×16 oil on board  $800.00

Coming Home

18×24 oil on canvas

$1200.00 unframed



Riding across snow-covered fields in a horse-drawn is a special part of Christmas in the north country.  The jingle of bells on the horse’s harness adds to the holiday cheer.  The end of the day arrives quickly at this time of year, and an early return home is made.  The warm light in the windows is a welcome sight to the well-wrapped couple.

Wall of Fame


16×20      Oil on canvas     $1500

A pair of skates hanging from a hook on the old barn wall, beside a hockey stick might remind you of days gone by and the hours spent playing hockey on an outdoor pond or rink, with childhood friends

Victorian Sleigh Ride

Victorian Sleigh Ride

    16×20     Oil on panel     $2300

At one time, a sleigh ride pulled by horses was a common winter activity, especially on a sunny Christmas or New Year’s Day.

Upon This Rock

Upon This Rock18×24     oil on canvas     $2300

This beautiful wooden church stands on a high rock overlooking the Saint Lawrence River at Rockport, Ontario, in the heart of the Thousand Islands.  The village of Rockport, was first settled in 1797, chiefly by Scottish & Irish immigrants of Catholic & Presbyterian faiths. Where Rockport is now situated, there was a natural harbour marked by a huge, lichen-covered rock outcropping. In 1891,St. Brendan’s Catholic Church was erected on the top of this rock, overlooking the St. Lawrence River.  Upon this site, in 1919, Mrs. L. Cornwall commissioned a monument, the “Queen of Peace” and dedicated it to her late husband, Charles Cornwall, who owned the property. St. Brendan’s Catholic Church & the “Queen of Peace” remain a much loved local landmark within the 1000 Islands of the St. Lawrence River.

Tibbett’s Point Light House

Tibbetts Point Light House

12×16     oil on canvas     sold

This old lighthouse stands on a rocky point of land at Cape Vincent, New York, directly across the mouth of the St. Lawerence River at the eastern end of Lake Ontario.

This Time for Sure

This Time for Sure

16×20    Oil on canvas     sold

A game of “Shinny” on a frozen farm pond provides hours of winter fun for a group of country kids, just having a good time.  The lack of skates and meager equipment do nothing to dull the enthusiasm for the game.  A faithful farm dog looks on, enjoying the excitement.

The Stone Arch

The Stone Arch

13.5×9.5     oil on canvas     sold

This stone arch marks the entrance to the inner harbour of Boldt’s Castle, built by George Boldt over a century ago.  The castle was never completed, due to the sudden death of his wife.  The castle fell into disrepair over the years, but now the restoration of the buildings and grounds have been undertaken to preserve this grand structure.

The Fisherman

The Fisherman

16×20     oil on canvas     sold

The Great Blue Heron is a winged landmark of the Thousand Islands. The big birds flap low over the water on silent wings, moving from fishing hole to fishing hole. Once settled, they stand for hours like statues, making occasional lightning fast jabs at small fish and frogs when one ventures near. In the background of the painting is island #99, the view where I grew up, about one mile west of Rockport, Ontario, on Goose Bay, of the St. Lawerence River.

Bull Moose-The Challenge

The Challenge


It is a frosty autumn morning on a northern river.  The sun is slowly warming the air.  A bull moose bugles a challenge toward a rival who stands chest deep in the river eating water plants.  It is the mating season and a physical battle is about to begin which will determine breeding rites here.



oil on canvas     sold