The Fisherman

The Fisherman

16×20     oil on canvas     sold

The Great Blue Heron is a winged landmark of the Thousand Islands. The big birds flap low over the water on silent wings, moving from fishing hole to fishing hole. Once settled, they stand for hours like statues, making occasional lightning fast jabs at small fish and frogs when one ventures near. In the background of the painting is island #99, the view where I grew up, about one mile west of Rockport, Ontario, on Goose Bay, of the St. Lawerence River.

Bull Moose-The Challenge

The Challenge


It is a frosty autumn morning on a northern river.  The sun is slowly warming the air.  A bull moose bugles a challenge toward a rival who stands chest deep in the river eating water plants.  It is the mating season and a physical battle is about to begin which will determine breeding rites here.